Ramgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries
Chamber Bhawan, Bijulia, Ramgarh Cantt.
Phone - (06553) 224561
email - rcciramgarh@gmail.com

RCCI Executive Committee Elections for Session 2015-17 on 15/03/15. Please do cast your Vote between 10 AM to 4 PM
NEWS : SMS Phase 1 Complete
Dated : 03.02.2015
Notice : Executive Committee Elections
Dated : 15.03.2015
Ramgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries was founded in 1989 with the support of founding Members and President Mr. Basant Hetamsaria.
The main objective behind establishing the origanisation was to support the industries and Businesses, in and around Ramgarh Area. Starting only with a few founding members, Ramgarh Chamber of Commerce and Industries now has grown leaps and bounds to thousands of members and is still growing. The Organisation is not only limited in helping Commercial establishments, but also helps in solving various Social and Ecological problems.
Now the heritage of Chamber is carried forward by the following Executive Members of Session 2013 - 15:

1. Mr. Durga Prasad Singh (Wakil Singh) President
2. Mr. Indrapal Singh Chhabra Vice-President
3. Mr. Vishnu Poddar Hony Secretary
4. Mr. Manjee Singh Joint Secretary
5. Mr. Arun Kumar Rai Treasurer
6. Mr. Anup Kumar Exec. Member
7. Mr. Bimal Budhia Exec. Member
8. Mr. Jitendra Prasad Exec. Member
9 Mr. Sanjeev Singh Sanju Exec. Member
10. Mr. Amit Kumar Sinha Exec. Member
11. Mr. Gopal Sharma Exec. Member
12. Mr. Nand Kishore Prasad Exec. Member
13. Mr. Sanjeev Chadha Exec. Member
14. Mr. Sanjat Kumar Agrawal Exec. Member
15. Mr. J.K. Sharma Exec. Member
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